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Back to the Future

December 27, 2010

the “carrot pant”

the “wide leg pant”

the “maxi dress”

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

the “70’s print”

Vena Cava Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

the “dolman sleeve”

So you’ve heard the phrase, “everything old is new again”…well the same is true in fashion.  It’s in one year and out the next and then back again a few years later, but with a new twist.  There are constantly new trends emerging on the runways each season.  Some make a brief appearance and others tend to last a bit longer (skinny jeans and low rise pants).  The harem pant trend was definitely not one for everyone or one that was meant to last very long.  However, I think the “carrot pant” is a more refined, less obnoxious version of this trend… one that I can definitely experiment with a little.  I’m excited to actually put on a pant that won’t show my underwear every time I sit down.  I welcome this change.  Although it feels a touch 80’s, most of what I am seeing re-emerge gives a nod to the 70’s and I love the casual feel to it all.


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