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November 16, 2010



I have noticed that one common question I get when people come to my house for the first time is, “where do you get your art?”  Art is so subjective and for me it’s definitely something that is based more on emotion than logic or thought.  I generally know immediately whether I love a particular piece or not.  I do not pride myself on having the best art in town or the best taste for that matter…I don’t have the budget for that.  I just know what I like and what I don’t.  My motto is: if I like it, I’ll find a place for it. simple.

I will do a quick breakdown of what I have above:

1.  The Big Boobed Lady Painting:  I love the story behind this painting, which is at the end of my hallway near my bedroom.  Supposedly my Grandma who aka “Mimi” was given this painting from a bank many years ago for opening an account.  I had never heard of a bank doing this sort of thing but I love that they did.  However, Mimi likes to tell us all that it’s a true antique. haha.  If she wants you to believe something, she’s liable to tell you anything…and…if she’s had it for more than 10 years, she calls it an antique 🙂

2.  Orange Splash:  This is a sad attempt on my part to create something bright and fun for my bedroom.  The walls in my bedroom are pale pink and I love bright orange and pale pink together, so there it is.  Someday, I will replace it with something better… but for now, it’s better than a bare wall.

3.  Lady in Yellow:  This gorgeous painting was done by a talented artist that I found on Etsy.  I have two large paintings in my house from this same girl.  I love the glamorous feel and vivid colors in this painting.  She sets the whole tone of my house when you walk in the front door.

4.  The Bostons:  These little guys are in my kitchen.  I love Boston Terriers because my Grandmother had 2 of them when I was a kid.  These were also found on Etsy.  I just took the pictures to the local frame shop and chose a nice matte and frame that worked well with the colors in my kitchen.

5.  Victorian Women:  I just got these recently because I had a bare space that I wanted to fill and for some reason I can’t remember where.  They were super cheap, I think thrifted.  They literally weigh 2 ounces each I swear!  But I loved the look of them and they fit the space perfectly.

6.  Collage in Stairway:  This is a random grouping of pictures.  Some are from my mom, others from the flea market.  The only one worth really mentioning is the one in the top right hand corner which is an AWESOME painting from a talented and good friend, Scot Nobles.  You can see more of his art here:

{Please excuse my horrible photography and the framed “thing” in the bottom right corner.  That’s something I stuck up there to fill the hole in my collage and 2 years later, it’s still there. :)}

7.  Kids Art:  This is a cute way to display my kids daily art projects from school.  They bring home tons of art each week and I can’t bear to throw any of it away so I keep most of it in a large plastic bin in storage…but I rotate cute pictures weekly.  They are so proud of their artistic accomplishments right now so I have to hang them up and show them how proud mom is! 🙂


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  1. chichichic permalink
    November 16, 2010 11:26 PM

    I”ve got a real soft spot for portraits of pups. LOVE the Bostons…

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