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My Year in Photos

January 2, 2011

Obviously I love fashion, hence the fashion blog.  However, I wouldn’t be representing myself accurately if I didn’t really show all sides of my life.  Honestly, 95% of my life is my kids.  Most moments of my life are found in the kitchen, either doing dishes or preparing a meal or snack for my little ones.  They are awesome and I’m sure my blog would be a lot different if I wasn’t tending to them most days.  However, I love our little world and wouldn’t change a thing.  I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into my life this past year so you can see what I’ve been doing, outside of blogging. 🙂

In February 2010 I went to the Ukraine with my good friend Cyndi to visit my “other child”, Nadiya. (she’s the one in the pink)  She is a precious 13 year old girl who will always be a part of our family, after spending the summer with us in 2009.  Someday, we hope she will be here with us forever.  This photo was taken of her and her cousin Nastya after Cyndi and I bought them matching vests at the mall in Odessa, UKR.

Here is my husband Jeff trying to get a Thomas the tank engine out of my daughter’s hair.  Typical situation on any given day. 🙂

My daughter Elke (on the left) with her BFF Evie this last summer.

Other than blogging, I might be found sketching designs for my handbag line called Dolly & Angel.  We got picked up by Nordstrom last  month for Spring 2011 and could not be more excited!  Hopefully we continue designing marketable bags and expand the company this year!

Here is a shot of my partner, Jara at work.  She is a fascinating creature.  She runs a highly successful spa/salon, a handbag business and last week opened her first restaurant here in Tulsa, which is called Gemma’s…named after her youngest child.  The food is fresh and AMAZING.  Did I mention she has 5 kids??!!!

Here I am in Maui last April.  My husband won this all expense paid trip through his company.  It was such an awesome vacation for us…. much needed with 2 kids and 3 jobs between the 2 of us.  Thanks babe, that was great!!!

Here is a photo of Jeff and I at my dear friend Carrie’s wedding in October.  It was such a fun night and I’m so happy for her and her wonderful husband.  Note: You can see Carrie, the bride, over my shoulder on the right.

This is my BFF Dana.  This was a small get together at her house one night this past year.  We talk on the phone probably 4 times a day, no joke.  Since our kids are the exact same age, we are busy and spend most of our lives working, running errands and doing things with the kids.  Fortunately, we get together fairly often.

Here is my other BFF Katie.  She and her husband Scott and Jeff are taking shots out of sippy cups.  Yep, life changes a lot once you have kids!  Sorry for the dark photos…taken at night with my iphone.

Here are my kids Elke (4) and Lars (2) doing a “raindance” outside in our front yard

Here is my friend Katie’s little boy Hunter in Elke’s tutu.  Priceless.  I couldn’t resist this shot!!

Last but not least, my favorite iphone picture of my kids this year!  This is a rare moment to catch them in a loving embrace, haha:)  It was so sweet and natural so I grabbed my phone to capture the moment.

So there it is in a nutshell.  We were crazy busy last year and I can’t believe how quickly the year flew by!!!  I am excited for all that’s in store for 2011.  I appreciate all of my readers, friends, fellow bloggers etc.  The sweet comments are SO wonderful and appreciated!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic year!!!

Black Swan

December 30, 2010

My husband and I saw the movie Black Swan last week.  In a word, amazing.  If NP doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for this role, I’ll be shocked and upset.  Aside from the brilliant acting, Winona Ryder comeback included :)……the demure but beautiful fashion had me reeling.  Lots of ballerina pink, tulle and femininity in the details.  Here are some “Swanesque” pieces I love.

Dance Skirt by Thayer

Image 1 of Rare Opulence Corset Ballet Net Dress

Rare Opulence Corset Ballet Net Dress

Luisa Beccaria pale pink strapless tulle ballerina tea-length dress

Statement Lipstick

December 29, 2010


It has been forever since I have done an outfit post (due to holiday insanity and leaving town) so I thought I would do something simple.  We celebrated Christmas late at my Dad’s tonight and I wanted to be casual but festive.  I thought the perfect solution was my new J.Crew sequin sweatshirt that I love and some bright red lipstick.  Easy solution.  What is your go-to accessory??  Sorry for the sad, drab scenery in the background.  🙂

Back to the Future

December 27, 2010

the “carrot pant”

the “wide leg pant”

the “maxi dress”

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

the “70’s print”

Vena Cava Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

the “dolman sleeve”

So you’ve heard the phrase, “everything old is new again”…well the same is true in fashion.  It’s in one year and out the next and then back again a few years later, but with a new twist.  There are constantly new trends emerging on the runways each season.  Some make a brief appearance and others tend to last a bit longer (skinny jeans and low rise pants).  The harem pant trend was definitely not one for everyone or one that was meant to last very long.  However, I think the “carrot pant” is a more refined, less obnoxious version of this trend… one that I can definitely experiment with a little.  I’m excited to actually put on a pant that won’t show my underwear every time I sit down.  I welcome this change.  Although it feels a touch 80’s, most of what I am seeing re-emerge gives a nod to the 70’s and I love the casual feel to it all.


Party Frocks

December 23, 2010


Forever 21 “Abstract Print Short Dress” $19.80


Brings the Party Dress

Modcloth “Brings the Party Dress” $85.99

Milly Belted Strapless Dress

Milly “Belted Strapless Dress” $370

Banana Republic “Frances Plaid Cowlneck Dress” $130

Friend of Mine Get Off My Cloud Dress

Friend of Mine “Get Off My Cloud Dress” $255



With New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, I thought it would be fitting to do a post about some fun party dresses.  My husband and I are planning to spend a very mellow night at a new local bar with a great juke box and amazing German pretzels so nothing fancy for me.  But most people enjoy glamming it up for a night out on the town or a great party.  I thought these were some fun dresses for the occasion.


W’s Winter Wonderland

December 22, 2010

Photography: Paolo Roversi

I have been terrible at posting this past week.  Between work deadlines and traveling for the holidays, there hasn’t been an hour of free time.  Fortunately, I’ve reached my destination at my in-laws and finished my work so finally things are calming down.  I have not felt very fashion inspired as of late either…that doesn’t help.  I guess it’s the holidays but I’ve been more excited about rum cake and cocktails than anything else. 🙂  However, tonight I was looking through this month’s W Magazine and stumbled onto this amazing spread by photographer Paolo Roversi.  Beautiful and inspiring.

One of Each Please

December 16, 2010

Loeffler Randall Back Zip Rubber Rain Boots Loeffler Randall Back Zip Rubber Rain Boots

Loeffler Randall “Back Zip Rubber Rain Boots” $195


Giles & Brother Tiny Safety Pin Studs

Giles & Brother “Tiny Safety Pin Studs” $64


La Prairie “Midnight Rain” $135


Soleil bracelet

J. Crew “Soleil Bracelet” $58


Although Christmas is less than two weeks away, I’m still constantly adding things to my never-ending wish list.  Truly, I am very happy in my life right now (knock on wood) and as long as I have my regular Starbucks, my kids and some great music (right now I’m listening to Florence + the Machine)…. I’m very content.  However, I’m still a girl and I like girly things….things that smell good, shine and keep my feet dry in a rainstorm.   Back to designing bags!





December 13, 2010

So sorry for the lack of posting lately.  I am knee deep in sketches and materials with my cousin Lauren aka LoLo.  She helps me with sketching and ideas.  I thought it would be appropriate to do a post on some of my all time favorite handbags.  If I didn’t design them myself, you might see me carrying one of these:

Alexander Wang “Rocco Mini Duffle Bag”




Foley + Corinna “Moto Hobo”


Rebecca Minkoff “MAC Clutch”


What are your favorite bags and what do you look for in a great purse??



In the Christmas Spirit

December 8, 2010

Urban Outfitters “Halsey Dress” $129

Anthropologie “Chocolate & Coffee Coat” $398

Image 1 of Warehouse Chunky Knit Hooded Scarf

ASOS “Warehouse Chunky Knit Hooded Scarf” $48.27

Glitterati ballet flats

J. Crew “Glitterati Ballet Flats” $125

Here are a few random things that put me in the mood for holiday parties and our upcoming night out at the Nutcracker.  Sorry for the short post but I’m going into crazy design mode tonight…deadlines!


Tonight’s Attire

December 7, 2010

Gingham perfect shirt

Pour La Victoire Dilon Suede Platform Booties

Tonight I get to celebrate an early Christmas with my best friend.  We are going to celebrate with a nice dinner.  We aren’t supposed to get each other gifts this year but I couldn’t resist getting something small for her (shhhh, don’t tell.)  I like to push her fashion boundaries and force her to try out new trends.  I will have to do a post on what I got her soon.

But for tonight’s outfit inspiration, I’m drawing from a cute look I saw in the J. Crew store today.  They had a red plaid shirt tucked into a sequin mini skirt.  It’s nothing I would have ever put together on my own but I loved the juxtaposition of the 2 pieces.   I have my sequin mini from F21 seen here.  I will pair it with black tights and my new F21 boots that look like the ones I really want (see photo above) or here.

I will try to take photos and post soon!!